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Posted on 2012.04.29 at 10:09

50% of this journal is locked to FO and the rest is open to the public.
I'll pretty much add anyone who's interested in being added
Just drop a comment in this post
~Thank You~



It's that time...

Posted on 2010.07.27 at 14:24

Caught your attention? Good because there's a reason for it

I've decided to change journals, start under a new name.
This means I will no longer be updating this journal.

You will now find me over here ---> livelovetokyo 
A name that pretty much befits me.

So, go ahead and add me if you like. If not, well, have a nice life :) 



Poor, poor cucumbers

Posted on 2010.06.29 at 12:15
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Awhile back food producer JA Date Mirai has decided to surprise the hungry population with cucumbers which create heart and star shapes when sliced. How did they do it? Simple. These unlucky cucumbers are grown inside specially shaped plastic molds where they form the desired shape in about a week.

That's Classic!

Yes, I'm easily amused

Posted on 2010.06.28 at 14:32
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Because I like commercials that don't make much sense.

This one is a bit different from the rest - not a commercial per se


Japanese Nail Art

Posted on 2010.06.23 at 13:13
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Because, most of the time, writing/posting these kind of posts are fun.

The originality of Japanese nail art (ネイルアート), which is completely different from other styles, has made this fashion item highly popular elsewhere in the world as well.

There exists a number of professional nail designers who are true specialists in nail art, frequently taking part in domestic and international competitions. The Japan Nailist Association is a Japanese association of professional nail stylists. In Japan, you can find numerous nail art salons, especially around Tokyo and other big cities. As is common in Japanese fashion, nailists often get their ideas from traditional Japanese paintings.

Besides making nails look pretty, Japanese nail artists place great importance on nail care and health. There is a special type of manicure - Japanese manicure - which is used by many nail salons in the country. The hands are put in the bath with mineral substances, cuticles are softened with special vegetable oils and the nails are covered by a coating made of bamboo, minerals or pearls to make the nails look shiny. The relaxing massage also includes aromatic additives such as Jasmin or other flowers.

Here are some creations people have, well, created.

Some interesting creations. . .Collapse )


It's a very cherry day

Posted on 2010.06.18 at 14:51
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No kidding, this is what I've been practically eating all day.

...but I'm pregnant, so, it's excusable... I think.



Posted on 2010.06.16 at 11:41
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I'm going to try something new here. . .

In the Japanese town of Konagai, part of Isahaya City in Nagasaki Prefecture, along the road you’ll find some juicy bus stops, built in the shape of strawberries, melons, watermelons, oranges and tomatoes. There are a total of 16 stops that look like this:

The five different types of bus stops.

A total of 16 stops along Route 207 (map from the Isahaya City web site).

What’s the story behind this? The stops were built for the Travel Expo show in 1990 with the intent to serve as an attractive gateway for travelers entering the Nagasaki Prefecture. According to the Isahaya City web site, the creators got the idea for these unusual shapes from the famous story of Cinderella where the carriage turns into a pumpkin.

A few more photos:


How fruity!Collapse )

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